inflatable water slide

Inflatable Water slide combines various popular elements with bright and vivid colours, becoming a brighter landscape in the water park. Because the slide is inflatable for modelling, belongs to the large amusement products, can play a powerful role in creating momentum. When people slide from above into the pool inflatable water park slide has a variety of slopes, one after another huge wave to us, creating surprises, so that the summer feeling is no longer hot.

Inflatable water slide can be matched with different specifications of the pool, is the first product equipped with water park. Its role is self-evident. And the water slides are available in different heights, suitable for more people of all ages to play. The soft air model has a certain fixation, so whether it is young people who want to pursue excitement, or children who want to experience the feeling of gently sliding into the water from the slide, inflatable water-big slide, it can meet the needs of different players.

Inflatable water slide, inflatable slide with an inflatable pool in front of the slide, and inflatable slide on the pool side, or on the water. Scope of application of inflatable water slide: schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, playgrounds, juvenile palaces and other types of outdoor places for children to play and entertain, with a variety of activities!