Inflatable tent

Inflatable tent is our another product for advertising, which is needed to blow all the time even if it has been inflated. It’s high quality in material and special in design, which decides that it is popular among businessmen. And even some people use it as personal use. It’s common to be seen in the sports event, the exhibition, the concert, the party and so on. The enough room has allowed business men to promote their products inside. Many successes of this kind of promotion have result that more and more businessmen have applied this way to promote their products. And more and more people also think it can be for private use, too.

Inflatable Tent from Aotian inflatable manufacturer

wide range of inflatable tents: Outdoor wedding banquets, advertising activities, camouflage military training, stage sheds, exhibitions, corporate advertising celebration openings, promotions, competitions, outdoor camping, shopping malls and hotel opening celebrations, football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, fire and disinfection passages,etc. The material of the inflatable tent is PVC tarpaulin, which is easy to install and easy to move to any place. All countries can easily import this kind tent. Our tent with high quality, fast delivery.