inflatable pool

We supply customized design Inflatable pool,inflatable pools,inflatable swimming pool,inflatable swimming pools.We are inflatable pool factory ! Our inflatable pools is made of durable PVC tarpaulin. We can make inflatable swimming pool any style. There are round, rectangular shaped and etc. inflatable pool. Some inflatable swimming pools have with slides and seats; some have two rings and three rings around (the three rings are higher). There are very small inflatable pool more suitable for small children, as well as medium-sized inflatable pools for older children and very big inflatable pool with filters that can hold hundreds of gallons of water for teenagers and families. Our inflatable pools are made from PVC tarpaulin, they are utterly safe and they can be used in many places, like in the square, indoor, in the park and so on. And our different designs in shape and size can offer you multiple choices. You can decide your inflatable pools according to how many water balls you want to play inside and the size of your playground. Or we can design and produce them according to your need and requirement. And our design is suitable to different ages, which can bring you more and more guests and increase your profit---inflatable pool can be a fun place for children, a warm places for the whole family and even a romantic place for the lovers. Do you want to know more about our series of inflatable pools in detail and use them to make great profit? Please click into the detailed introduction below. We can design and manufacture the inflatable pool according to your requirement! You will know we are your best choice!