Zorb ball

Another thrilling experience that will help you take the initiative in the field of entertainment! Safety, durability and comfort of use are the main features of our Sorab Ball. We have also specially designed safety belts and cushions to ensure the safety of the players inside. We have chosen TPU or PVC as the material for our range of sandbag balls. They are large enough to accommodate one or even two players. In addition, our designers take into account the entertainment and health factors when designing the bocce balls. As you can see from the pictures below, we have many kinds. They come in different shapes, appearances and colours, as it is our designers' theory to provide our customers with a wide range of choices. You can even see that our inflatable balls can be used on mountains and snow, in parks, any playground, football pitches, inflatable slopes and more. Moreover, it is not only adults who can play with this range of inflatable balls. Children can have fun with them too, which will help you win more guests and make more money. Seeing is believing! Go to our pictures to see our different types of bouncy balls individually! We can design and manufacture them according to your needs!

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