Water Ball

Our high quality water ball helps you make great profit! The series of our water balls are high quality products. Their price is reasonable and competitive. We have got the CE certification to produce them and we are experienced and professional. We have won our regular clients’ trust and their confidence. And our series of water balls’ complete air-sealing is top quality and they are made from the best TPU, which is high-flexible, high-durable, non-toxic and environmental friendly. Their main characters are utterly safe by welding it strongly and quick in moving. Their zippers are even the Germany TIZIP zipper or the TM zipper. And we also pay great attention to their other material, like their plastic cover, handle and seam. We will offer you the guarantee service and after-sales service. Our principle is to help our clients make great profit by producing high quality products for them. We are waiting for you to enter below detailed introduction to learn more different types of them. We believe you will find your stop-by is worthy and satisfying. And we can design and manufacture the water ball according to your needs!