Inflatable slide

Inflatable slides have the following advantages to attract children.

1, Inflatable slides can give children a sense of speed and excitement.  Sliding down the soft material of the inflatable slide and rubbing the skin is a way to recognise nature and feel the real rhythm of life. Speed

The speed brings children the most primitive enjoyment, just like adults in the pursuit of speed in the demand for stimulation, racing, gliding, sprinting, surfing and so on. 

2、Inflatable slide can control the risk. Inflatable slide great height difference, very small friction for children, is a great challenge and risk, and the inflatable slide material is soft and comfortable, the slide is protected by guardrails on both sides.

However, the soft and comfortable material of the inflatable slide and the protection of guardrails on both sides of the slide make the risk of children in playing completely controllable. 

3. Enhance the understanding of the laws of nature and the exercise of their own balance.

Sliding down the slide effortlessly is the children's instinctive use of gravity. While playing, mastering balance

that allows children to learn new skills invisibly. Children for fresh and wonderful natural principles full of desire to explore, in the continuous attempt to play in the establishment of cognitive system.

4, the more children play inflatable slide, the more children can attract to play.Children's herd mentality so that the bouncy castle has become very lively, rarely see a small child to play the slide, more than one child

Play together is interesting, you catch up with me, the atmosphere is harmonious. And the age of similar partners to play together, can enhance the fun of playing.

Inflatable slide is so hot because he is more like the operator.

1: Inflatable slides are safer than mechanical play equipment.

2: Inflatable slide can sit on dozens of people at one time.

3: Inflatable slide maintenance is convenient, just need to keep clean.

4: Inflatable slide is easy to install and move, just need to pack it.

Inflatable slides can be seen everywhere because of the many operations, and children also like it more. So now the inflatable slide is very popular with children.

Scope of application of the inflatable slide: schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, playgrounds, juvenile palace, shopping malls, supermarkets and other types of indoor and outdoor places for children to play and entertain themselves, and the activities of colourful!