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hot seller water roller[2013-09-03]
inflatable roller ball,inflatable water roller,hot seller water roller ball,Aote inflatable Co.,ltd supplied inflatable water roller with high quality and competitive price
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How to put a new TIZIP into a Water Ball[2012-12-22]
How to put a new TIZIP into a WaterWalker Solution 1.cut out the defective zipper completely 2.glue extending ball-material pattern to replacing zip 3.the pattern should extend minimum 2.5 cm over the zipper tape, maintain the minimum slit width of 3 cm 4.finally glue the extending pattern back on top of the ball
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Material Of The Water Ball[2012-12-22]
Material Of The Water Ball The material of the water ball is imported, non-toxic, colorless, non-smell, meeting the standard of environmental in Europe and the United States. The thickness of the material is TPU 0.8mm & TPU 1.0mm, with hydrolytism and anti-oxidization. Pull and flexibility is much better than other products in this field, which assures a lot of the safety factor. Customer can freely enjoy the great fun of walking ball.
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Can the balls suddenly pop or sink if punctured?[2012-12-22]
Can the balls suddenly pop or sink if punctured? No,if you have a puncture in a ball you will almost certainly just get slightly wet and in fact will probably find it difficult to locate the hole.
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Maintenance&Storage for water ball[2012-12-15]
Maintenance&Storage 1. Make the ball clean. Disinfect and clean it regularly 2. Must check all the ball before using . When finding the damage ,you must mend it in time. 3. When carrying the ball, you should avoid dragging and fraying it on concrete or other rough surface, which will result in leaking. 4. After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball. Make sure the ball is dry, especially on the zipper .Then put it into cool and dry place.
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Guarantee for the water balls[2012-12-15]
Guarantee for the water balls 1. Each ball will be tested 3 times before leaving factory, the rate of leaking is controlled within 0.3%, we promise free change if any leaking problems within first 3 month; 2. Each ball are with repair material and glue in case of any breaking.
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