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Used of water ball

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    Used of water ball from chinese water ball,china walking ball, china water walking ball

    1).Put the ball on the plastic fabric or carpet and make sure there is no splinter on the floor that will damage the ball

    2)The depth of water should be 0.5m to 1m. Tie the safe ropes to the loop on the ball.

    3) Since our water ball has the waterproof airtight zipper, before you play the water ball, you should wipe lubrication on the zipper to make sure the zipper works well.

    4) These things the player carries about such as mobile phones, glasses, keys or some sharp stuffs and so on should not be take into the ball in order to avoid cutting the ball or wounding the rider’s body in tumbling. Those who have heart diseases or the hypertension, as well as physique weaker do not suitably participate in this activity.

    5) When players get into the water ball, Pull the zipper to 10 cm, then put the outlet of the blower to that place. Turn on the power of the blower, then the wind is blown into the ball through the outlet. As the blower works, the ball is inflating. When it is inflated, please draw out the blower swiftly, and then pull the zipper to the end. Turn off the power of the blower.

    6) The blower should be connected with a reliable earth wire, remember to check often, and install protection net on the outlet of blower to avoid accidents.

    7) The water ball is sealed so it is isolated from the outside, and the air inside the ball does not circulate. The oxygen is limited. When people do exercises, they consume oxygen more than 10 times compared with ordinary time. Therefore the player can not stay in the ball for a long time. The best time the player can stay in the ball is less than 10 minutes, Also the number of the players in one ball can not surpass 2. (It had better that 2m diameter is for one player, the weight of player below 80 kgs)

    8) It is not acceptable to play water ball in bad weather, like heavy wind, rain, snow and etc.

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