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Topics:the castleMessage Date:2012-10-05
Content:Dear Rose Am glad to inform you that I have finally received the castle. It is very beautiful. I now understand why it cannot have a roof. Thank you very much. I will be in touch soon did my friend place an order? Eunice
Admin:Thank a message, we have received the message and will reply to your e-mail address.
Topics:pre?o inflaveisMessage Date:2012-09-27
Content:preciso de uma tabela com pre?os dos inflaveis aguardo valores dos inflaveis
Topics:the poolMessage Date:2012-09-12
Content:Dear Amy, We have yet to use the pool, we have tested a couple of the balls and it has been a lot of fun we will be testing the whole set up next weekend. We are very happy with our products and appreciate all the hard work and the excellent communication from you. I hope things are good for you. And we will write you and send a picture after our first event next weekend. Thanks again:)
Topics:christmas productsMessage Date:2012-08-28
Content:you can be sure i will be placing and another order before christmas. i'm very satisfied with the quality of your products and very happy.
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